Enquiry for Membership

To enquire about membership of the RN Veterans MCC you should either come up and say hello to us at one of the many events or rallies we attend throughout the year or email info@rnvmcc.uk and one of the Club Officers will contact you to arrange a meeting.


If it is decided that you have the right attitude to potentially ride and party with us you may be invited to join. 

The joining process will take as long as it takes and prospective members should not expect to receive Full Member's Colours without earning the right to wear them.

During a prospective member's joining process we will get to know you just as you will get to know the Club and its Members.


Proof of Service will be required and you must own and legally be able to ride a motorcycle capable of maintaining continuous motorway speeds.

Due to the political situation within the biking community, and wishing to survive as a side patch MCC in the United Kingdom, we don't recruit anyone who is serving, or has served, in the Police Force, Prison Service or Customs Service.  This is not a slight on you or your profession of choice it is just a matter of survival in the biking world.


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History of the Royal Navy Veterans MCC

In early 2014 a few of us who had served together in the Royal Navy and had ridden 'a fair few miles' together met up to discuss the potential of forming a Royal Navy Veterans MCC.  It was quickly identified that whilst there were already some very well respected Military / Veteran MCCs out there, it was a club with a uniquely maritime Esprit de Corps that they desired. Contact was made with relevant MCs and MCCs and on 20 June 2014 the Founding Members came together and decided on their Club Colours.  These were accepted and on the 19 August 2014, the Royal Navy Veterans MCC formally stood up as a Side Patch Motor Cycle Club. 

Our Club colours are navy blue, white and red – the correct order of the colours of the Union Flag which in turn makes up the White Ensign of the Royal Navy. Our Club Motto is Laudator Temporis Acti which means One Who ‘Praises Past Times’ – this was also the motto for the last HMS Veteran.

Whiskey was the inaugural President of the RNVMCC but has since handed the reigns over to Dave G.

The RNVMCC was formed for Veterans who held a S1511 Royal Navy Identity Card of either the: Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Navy Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Women's Royal Naval Service or Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nursing Service who share a passion for motorcycling, wished to maintain a uniquely maritime Esprit de Corps whilst also being part of the Motorcycling Brotherhood and Sisterhood. It is noted that some non-RN Personnel did hold a Royal Navy identity card for a limited duration, possible whilst on exchange or secondment.  If you fit into this bracket, you are welcome to contact us to ascertain whether or not your time with a S1511 constitutes enough to warrant potential membership. Personnel who are still serving in one of the above services are also welcome to contact us regarding potential membership.

Our Founding Members do, and future Members will, hail from the length and breadth of the United Kingdom but no geographical location is claimed. 

Respect will be given to all Military and Veteran Motorcycle Clubs of the United Kingdom and its Allies, as well as other like-minded Motorcycle Clubs. 

It is recognised that we share far more than the simple love of the our 2 or 3 wheeled machines and the sea; those that have served, and possibly fought alongside each other, have a Brothers In Arms bond that may never be broken.

Active in the rally scene, we look forward to sharing many a tot with you all, as we get to know each other both individually and collectively.


Dave G