Support the RN Veterans MCC

The following items are for sale to non-Members who wish to show their support for the Royal Navy Veterans MCC.

The MDCCCV enamel pin badge represents the Immortal Memory of Viscount Lord Nelson.  The Roman numerals equate to the year 1805, the year of the Battle of Trafalgar where the Royal Navy secured dominance of the seas, safeguarded Great Britain against any possible threat of invasion by the French and proved to be the foundation for the eventual victory by the Duke of Wellington over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.  Each pin badge measures 40mm x 10mm and costs £5.00 each.



The RNVMCC TRF Sticker is representative of the Regimental Colours of the Royal Navy but uniquely designed for the RNVMCC.  Each sticker measures 3 inches x 3 inches and costs £3.00 each

The support hoodie shows a modified version of our Club Colour on the left breast with MDCCCV embroidered on the left sleeve and the year 1805 embroidered on the right sleeve. Available in sizes from Small to 4XL, they come in zip through or pullover styles. The Hoodies come in black only with the embroidered writing in 'ship side grey'.  The cost is £POA.

The support t-shirt shows a modified version of our Club Colour on the left breast highlighting 1805.  Available is sizes from Small to 2XL, they come in black only. The cost is £10.00

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